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Enterprise REPORTING Bottlenecks

You could say we drink big challenges for breakfast. When our client, a California-based gourmet coffee grower and roaster with strong sales and increasing demand from their loyal customers began even bigger investments in its internal operations, it ran into a problem. The company's vision was firmly focused on global expansion, but financial reporting requirements to keep up with that expansion threatened to bring their ERP system to a grinding halt. Implementing financial reporting on their enterprise data warehouse would help them bid good riddance to erroneous spreadsheets, hours of labor-intensive number crunching and reporting delays. But how to get there?

With a task force and all stakeholders clearly identified, Mondo Analytics went to work, developing requirements and reviewing all processes to meet the two-month deadline. Since the existing reporting process took more than two hours and modifications could add more than 20 additional hours of processing time per day to the ERP system, the task force needed to think outside the box to enable the best possible solution. Mondo Analytics was able create midnight processing rules that would aggregate financial data daily without any impact to the company's daily operations. In addition, all of the reporting requirements were transferred into an On-Line Analytic Processing (OLAP) Cube, allowing for the expansion of the company's financial reporting requirements while reducing report generation time to fewer than ten minutes. This new financial reporting platform provided flexibility that just isn't possible within existing ERP systems. The solution meant the company's once-taxed accounting team now has the information and the time to focus on what's really important: growing the business.

A little hardware goes a long way

A San Francisco Bay Area consumer and packaged goods company wanted to expand their business intelligence platform. But end users were not adopting their internal systems due to slow performance. Most consulting companies would advise a full system evaluation, at great expense and time, all-the-while losing internal trust for the platform. But not us.

Mondo Analytics was able to quickly (in one day) identify a network architecture issue that was slowing down the entire data warehouse platform by approximately 90%. In addition, the Information Technology operations team was sitting on a solid state data storage system that could potentially increase system performance by 10 times -- but worried it might compromise performance even more if activated improperly -- they hadn't implemented it. After meeting a series of system benchmarks, Mondo Analytics recommended implementing the solid state storage system and achieved greater than 10 times performance improvement while querying the existing database platform. The entire short-term project potentially saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars while allowing its daily data processing time to decrease by over 70%. The final and most important outcome came from the company's end users, who quickly adopted the system changes, streamlining the business processes for the company.

We don't know what we don't know

A North Bay - San Francisco insurance claims software provider was having performance-related problems with their proprietary platform. In an industry that generates vast amounts of data requiring a highly secure reporting environment, increasing functionality and system performance were vital to both the company's existing customers and to its sales pipeline.

As a trusted adviser for the software engineering group, Mondo Analytics completed a database architecture review to identify system bottlenecks and recommend enhancements, including making use of recent changes in database technology to give customers access to historical data that was previously not available. The recommendations suggested by Mondo Analytics also increased system processing speeds and audit capabilities. After reviewing all of the potential changes and associated processing benefits, the insurance claims software provider released its newest platform with resounding success. In a big complicated world where you don't know what you don't know, Mondo Analytics stays current with changing technologies to streamline software, reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction.