Mondo Analytics uses industry leading technology suites and matches the best tool to your specific business needs


IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM's Cognos Analytics stack was designed and developed to meet the needs of any small company but provide scalable performance to satisfy the world's largest enterprises. If your organization requires an analytics platform that will grow with you to meet future needs, look no further. Our business intelligence experts will develop a road map to meet all of your analytical needs.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

The Microsoft business intelligence stack of products continues to evolve while being a solid workhorse for many information technology shops. Recent platform changes include in-memory cube technologies and further expansion of the Power BI visualization tools using MS Office and Sharepoint interfaces. With many licensing options bundled within the SQL Server platform, these tools will continue to be an industry standard for many years to come.

superspeed - ramdisk

One of the most common technology problems in any organization is a system-level bottleneck. Many times, problems will continue for months before anyone becomes aware of a system slowdown. Sometimes a very simple and cost effective fix can be implemented using an in-memory RAMDISK to improve performance by up to 40x. If you are having performance issues related to your old hard drives, we can remove a system-level bottleneck in minutes.

Jedox Business Intelligence

The Jedox suite of planning and forecasting applications allows customers to utilize high-performance, in-memory analytics while running in an Excel interface. Not all finance planning tools are created equal, but the Jedox application engine with database write-back capabilities will exceed all expectations.

Cloudera - Hadoop

Hadoop is a game changing ecosystem of applications enabling remarkable scale across big data environments. If your business is exploring Hadoop solutions, there is literally a zoo of varied applications in this emerging set of technologies. Our group integration experts will help you navigate the confusion and devise a road-map into the world of yellow elephants.